California Figs
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Arugula & California Fresh Fig Salad with Fig & Buttermilk Dressing Black Mission Fig and Prosciutto Pizza Delicious California Figs Shine Brightly No Matter the Season

CALIFORNIA Figs & Fitness Contest
With Celebrity Trainer, Valerie Waters!

Now’s your opportunity to train like a celebrity with Valerie Waters, creator of the Red Carpet Ready Bootcamp, and fitness trainer to stars like Jennifer Garner, Poppy Montgomery and Elizabeth Berkley. Red Carpet Ready is nothing less than a transformational experience for those who want to incorporate the best diet tips, fitness know-how, and healthy habits into their lives.  To enter, tell us why YOU should win a personal fitness evaluation with Valerie, a customized deluxe Valslide® exercise kit, entrée into her four-week Red Carpet Ready Bootcamp slated for January 2016, California dried figs, plus a special care package from the California Fig Growers, and, of course, California Figs!

“Two things get me out of bed – coffee and Valerie Waters.  …There is no better coach and there is no better workout.” 
– Jennifer Garner

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Figs in The News
Figs from the California desert region have been in the marketplace since late April, which was much earlier than normal because of warm winter weather

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Fig Facts
In ancient Greece Figs were regarded with such esteem that laws were created forbidding the export of the best quality figs. Sycophant then derives from the Greek word meaning one who informs against another for exporting figs or for stealing the fruit of the sacred fig trees. Hence, the word came to mean a person who tries to win favor with flattery.
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